Its been a while…


#4430 Home final images. I feel like in the order of my blog I left off without posting the fantastic finished images of #4430. I loved living in this house for the two years I was there and really enjoyed the remodel and I cant believe I missed posting the final images. So here you go!



First post of 2016

Lots of changes since my last post, a whirlwind of selling #4430 moving twice since and getting settled into a new neighborhood, lakeview.

With all of these changes Nickolas John Interiors will be going through some major changes as well. Originally I set out in design to be the people’s designer, a flexible and formidable designer who not only took on projects of all sizes and challenges, but more importantly budgets. As the years passed, and with hundreds of projects under my belt, I have made personal tweaks and rules to those initial goals. Some budgets and projects just are too small, some personalities and styles aren’t my favorite. You get the picture. As I am getting settled into 2016 and reassessing my goals for the future of Nickolas John I have decided to try and lay out some new changes in order to clarify, to drive transparency, and map out a more successful way in which the Nickolas John client can not only be happy but thrilled and fulfilled, as well as I, Nickolas John can be the same.
That said. We will be moving to a new rate for all projects of all sizes, $150/hour. Billed in 30 min increments. No exceptions. Time will be billed as actual, and will be itemized when invoiced.
In the interest of transparency and what my clients all seem to desire, which is a bargain! We will be moving to a strict cost plus 10 pricing structure. You will see this 10% on your invoice as “designer overhead”.
This will ensure you are getting the best price on all items, and if there are issues with your order Nickolas John will be able to remedy that order with no additional cost to you.
At an average discount of 50% off MSRP on fabrics, furnishings, rugs, etc. you will be paying exact cost plus exact freight and delivery/install and will be able to see exactly where the savings add up!
I am very pleased to announce this change in the way I do business; billing will certainly be easier.
I look forward to putting out more information regarding this change soon and establishing this new and contemporary style of pricing in the effervescent Chicago market!

Henny Penny

The sky was falling… Honest. I had been noticing through the snow and cold the false acoustical panel ceiling on the front porch similar to all the acoustical ceilings in the whole house originally at #4430 was sloping and leaning and getting worse all week. Today since it’s warmer and sunnier I decided to make sure there wasn’t a leak- well no leak but the old ceiling apparently just had had enough. Better off since the original ceiling underneath is much cooler! See pics.
Some more work and paint and cleaning up and minor electrical to handle but much better and gives me a jump on the spring Reno of the front porch space 🙂





2015 and new beginnings are really just that

For my first post in 2015 I am excited to announce the expansion of services for my clients and hopefully the expansion of clients. In my 10+ years in interior design I am excited to expand my career into real estate. For the month of January I have dedicated myself to getting my real estate license furthering my knowledge of the market and ability to service my clients. With that I am excited to announce my partnering with and joining the Koenig and Stray/ Berkshire Hathaway home services out of the Lincoln Park office.
It’s my goal to be able to offer my clients Everything I can, from the staging for sale, through the sale process, to finding a new home and remodeling/styling it to create your perfect piece of the pie.

Progress… And smelling the roses…

Or lavender as it were…
While progress has been slow, cabinetry is hung, walls are getting painted slowly, we now have electrical fixtures, outlets, and gasp! Switches that work in every room… It is nice to take a moment to appreciate some of the work I’ve done outside. Took this picture last night after a rain and felt gratification to the landscaping and the glow of a soon to be finished interior.
Fingers crossed!
#4430, #landscaping


What color?

So… It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Progress has been slow over at #4430. Clients projects and finances have taken a priority to the remodel. But I am hell bent on finishing this phase 1 by July first! So I can celebrate my birthday on July 8 in style!
Today’s mini- project, since all seem to be mini at this point since my mind cannot wrap around the larger ones at this min., is deciding on a garage door color. Unfortunately we are keeping the signing and trim color but door can get creative!
Decisions, decisions… Weigh in!